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Bathroom Design Tips for Successful Matching Metal Finishes During a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling company Luxury Bath's study finds top design tips for matching bronze, chrome, and brushed nickel bathroom products during a new bathroom remodel.

 July 12, 2013

Adding metal bathroom finishes during a new bathroom remodel can be both fun and challenging. Should all bathroom remodeling products have the same cohesive look? Or can they be mixed? Luxury Bath found the top bathroom design tips for incorporating metal finishes during a bathroom remodel.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Remodel Look

Different metal bathroom finishes can set the tone in a bathroom remodel. A bathroom remodel with oil-rubbed bronze helps create an Old World feel, giving the bathroom a rich rustic look. Choosing the brilliance of chrome during bathroom remodeling can energize a dull room with a shiner surface. For a more elegant bathroom design, Luxury Bath has found that incorporating brushed nickel finishes in the bathroom adds a touch of chicness.

Mixing Metals in Bathroom Remodeling

Today, mixing different metals during bathroom remodeling is no longer considered a faux pas. According to Luxury Bath's study, combining different bathroom designs of metal can not only complement each other, but make a stale bathroom remodel look more organic and inviting. If mixing metal bathroom finishes, make sure to keep consistency with hinges. If the door knobs are oil-rubbed bronze, the hinges should stay the same color.

Continuous Flow in Bathroom Design

There’s always the traditional, tried and true method of having one continuous bathroom design. Nothing brings a bathroom remodel together like having a clean cohesiveness to a space. Having a similar bathroom design during a bathroom remodel not only adds flow to a bathroom space, but can create a more focused bathroom theme.
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