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Bathroom Safety Advice for Royal Baby’s Parents

Bathroom remodeling company Luxury Bath is releasing its bath safety tips for Prince William and Kate’s future bundle of joy. The bathroom remodeler is offering bath safety tips to keep children safe and comfortable in the bathroom.

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With the heir to the British thrown due any day now, bathroom remodeling company Luxury Bath is releasing bath safety tips for the royal couple’s child. According to a report by NBCNews, studies have found that children age four and younger account for up to half of all bathtub and shower related injuries. With proper bath safety products and precautions, these accidents can be prevented.

Child Bath Safety Tip 1: Safety and Grab Bars

Bathrooms always benefit from grab bars. No longer associated with just the older generation, grab bars can balance and support users young and old in the bathroom. As children grow older, grab bars not only aid in getting in and out of the bath and shower, but can also help prevent slips or falls.

Child Bath Safety Tip 2: Slip Resistant Surfaces

Even with the future king and queen looking after you, constant adult supervision in the bathroom isn’t always enough. Slips and falls can happen quickly. In order to prevent accident, install bath safety products with slip resistant bottoms or mats. Bath remodeling products like Luxury Bath’s tubs and showers have built in slip resistant bottoms for greater stability.

Child Bath Safety Tip 3: Anti-Scalding Devices

Accidental burning from scalding water causes injuries in the bathroom each year. “Young children less than five years old are at greater risk of burns due to their thinner skin,” said Davis Glassberg, President of Luxury Bath. To help protect young children, Luxury Bath remodeling products are installed with bath safety anti-scalding devices, keeping the water temperature lower to prevent harmful burns. The bathroom remodeling company also advises checking the temperature of actual water, before placing the child into the bath or shower.

Child Bath Safety Tip 4: Overflow Drains

While young children should never be left unattended in the bathroom, installing an overflow drain can help prevent dangerously high water levels in the bathtub. Luxury Bath’s overflow drains are positioned four inches from the top of the bathtub, to keep the water level down. Overflow drains also prevent an overflowing bathtub, keeping hazardous water off slippery floors.

Child Bath Safety Tip 5: Anti-Bacterial Surfaces

More bacteria are found in bath enclosure than anywhere else, according to Glassberg. For better bath safety, Luxury Bath tubs and showers are available with built-in anti-microbial surfaces for easier cleaning. Luxury Bath’s bathtubs and showers are infused with an anti-microbial product called Microban® which works to help inhibit the growth of harmful mold, bacterial and mildew on bathroom surfaces. This technology not only helps protect children from mold, but allows users to easily clean their bath or shower with gentle cleaners.

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